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How to Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

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For individuals who would like to take classes for personal or professional interest but are NOT planning on earning a degree at UVU.


How to Apply

  1. Go to and click on Non-Degree Seeking Application.

  2. The student will be required to create an Admissions Account with an email and password.

    • If the student has never applied to UVU before they will select New/Freshman Application.

    • If they have previously applied, they will choose the Readmit application.

  3. Under the Plans tab, click on “Admit Type,” then select Non-Degree Seeking Student.

    Admin type drop down menu, select Non-degree seeking student
  4. Read the agreement terms and click on Yes from the drop-down menu, enter in the Anticipated Entry Term, and click on the Save & Continue button to save your selections.

    Select the save and continue button to apply
  5. Complete the rest of the application and submit the payment.

    1. Processing the application will take about 2-3 business days.

Non-degree-seeking students cannot receive financial aid, apply for graduation, or register for more than four consecutive semesters.

If a non-degree-seeking student attends for more than four consecutive semesters, a hold will be placed on their account. They will be required to complete the Returning/Readmit Application. 

Official transcripts are not required but are recommended to fulfill prerequisite requirements.

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