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How to Submit an International Admissions New Student Application

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This article will assist international students in completing an International Admissions New Student Application. This application is for new prospective students outside of the U.S. who require an F-1 visa to attend.


Start International Admissions Application

  1. Go to and click on APPLICANTS. Log in by entering your International Admissions Application Account information using the email and password you created. Next, click LOGIN.

    Start your International Admissions Application.

2. Click on the Available Term you wish to attend. Next, click the Create box.

Select the term to apply for.

3. On your Application Home Page, you will see several sections that must be completed to apply.

Enter required information.
Enter required information.
Enter required addresses.

Announcements Section

4. This section shows announcements relevant to your UVU application and/or admission process. By clicking View All Announcements, you can see previous announcements.

View announcements for latest information.

Instructions Section

5. View your required documentation. Once you complete your requirements in this section, click Submit.

Note: The Affidavit of Support form can be viewed by clicking Affidavit of Support.

Submit affidavit of support.

Action Items Section

6. Click Admission Application Fee to submit your payment. Once the application fee has been paid, the box will indicate Completed.

Enter action items.
Pay application fee.

Attached Documents Section

7. Upload your required documentation. To view documents that need to be uploaded, click the dropdown arrow next to the -select document type- box. Click the document you wish to upload from the list. Click the Choose File box to select the document from your computer. Click the Upload box.

 Note: Once a document has been uploaded, it can be viewed by clicking on the document.

Attach documents.
Select type of document.

Learning Content Section

8. If the document has been read, the box will be marked Completed. If the document has not yet been read, click on International Admission Information.

Enter admission information.

Signature Documents Section

9. Once the document has been read and signed, the box will be marked Completed. If the document has not yet been read and signed, click Admission Application Statement of Understanding.

Sign documents.
Sign documents digitally.
Read application information.

Questionnaire(s) Section

10. All listed categories must be marked Completed to apply.

  • If you answered yes to the Dependent Information question, you must upload the passport(s) and/or birth/marriage certificate information for each dependent. 

  • If you answered no to the English Proficiency Information question, you must upload your official TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Complete all categories.
Submit dependent information.
Provide English proficiency information.

Start/End Dates Section

11. This section shows the application start and end dates for the semester you are applying to attend.

Set start and end dates.

Once all of the sections have been completed, click the Submit box.

Submit application.

Contact Support

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