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How to Drop a Course

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Students may drop courses from their schedule by using the Add/Drop System in myUVU.

NOTE: Dropping a course will (1) reverse all associated tuition and fees, and (2) remove the course from the transcript. Dropping is not the same as withdrawing.

To view published drop deadlines, visit the Student Dates And Deadlines webpage. Please be aware that these deadlines will vary depending on whether students are dropping a full semester, first block, second block, or weekend course.

Browse to Registration Tools for all registration tools.


Drop Classes Using the Add/Drop/Waitlist Registration System

  1. Log in to myUVU.

  2. From the Students tab, select Registration and Academics from the drop-down menu.

  3. From the Plan & Register section, select the Add/Drop System link.

    Select Add or Drop system from the Plan and Register page.
  4. Select the Add/Drop/Waitlist Classes link.

    Select the add, from, or waitlist classes link.
  5. Select the Term you are registered for from the drop-down menu and click the Continue button.

    Select the term you are registered for.
  6. On the lower right-hand side of your schedule, you should see the Action - Click Submit to Save drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, select Drop Class - 100% Refund. To officially drop the course, you must click the Submit button.

    Select drop class from he drop down menu.

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