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How to Submit Records Adjustment, Refund, and Late Withdrawal Petitions

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This article provides information regarding Academic, Refund, and Late Withdrawal Petitions.

For more information on Records Adjustment, Refund, and Late Withdrawal Petitions, please visit Registration Services


Select and Submit the Appropriate Petition Form

We know that sometimes classes are just plain hard - trust us, we've been there.  Petitions are NOT for these times. When students perform poorly and fall short of the grade they want or need, the repeat policy allows students to try again for a better grade.

  1. Review and select the appropriate petition type that matches your extenuating circumstances.

    1. Records Adjustment Petition: This provides an opportunity to request a change to the academic transcript based on dates of attendance or extenuating circumstances.

    2. Refund Petition: This provides an opportunity for students to petition the Registrar for a refund of tuition and fees based on extenuating circumstances.

    3. Late Withdrawal Request/Petition: This provides an opportunity for students to petition the Registrar and department chairs for a withdrawal, based on extenuating circumstances, occurring after the established withdrawal deadlines. These are considered exceptions to the withdrawal policy.

  2. Gather documentation related to your extenuating circumstances to prove what has happened and how it was out of your control.

  3. Navigate to the Registration Services and click on the desired petition form button. Follow the prompts to submit your petition.

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