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How to Add a Profile Photo to Your Faculty Portfolio

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This article explains the process of uploading a new profile photo to your UVU Faculty profile. This photo will automatically be used for your employee profile photo as well.

⚠ This option is only available for UVU Faculty. Faculty members must have a Watermark Faculty Success account (formerly Digital Measures) to use this feature. New full-time faculty are automatically set up with an account. Adjuncts and others need to request an account through the UVU Service Center Portal.

Non-faculty employees looking to update their employee profile photo should follow this guide.


Log in to Your UVU Faculty Portfolio Through myUVU and Upload Your Profile Photo

  1. Sign in to your myUVU web page.

  2. Select the Faculty Resources option from the top menu bar.

  3. Select the Retention, Tenure & Promotion Info option in the middle column.

  4. Click on Faculty Portfolios (Faculty Success) and you will be taken to your Faculty Success account.

  5. In the top left corner, click on the Activities tab.

  6. Under General Information, click on Personal and Contact Information.

    Under General Information, Click on Personal and Contact information
  7. At the bottom of the page, go to the Photograph upload box to upload your photo.

    Drag and drop your desired photo here or select this box to browse your computer for the desired photo. Please review the photo requirements or standards below.
    1. Uploaded Photos must meet UVU Faculty Profile Guidelines.

      1. Must be a professional headshot of you

      2. Must be recent (within approximately five years)

      3. Must have full-face showing (both eyes)

      4. Must have the face-centered in the photo and space above and to the sides of the head

      5. Must have a plain grey, black, or white backdrop/background

      6. Must meet the minimum dimensions of 475px x 675px

      7. Must not exceed the maximum file size of 1MB

      8. No black and white photos

      9. No hats or sunglasses

      10. No photos with family members, friends, or pets

      11. No costumes or props

      12. No avatars

  8. After you upload the photo, don’t forget to click Save in the top right corner.

    1. Please note that your photo will need to be approved before it will appear on your Faculty Profile. You will receive an email once your photo has been approved; it may take a few hours.

Contact Support

For any issues related to the Watermark Faculty Success system, a Faculty Portfolio Support ticket must be submitted through the UVU Service Center Portal.

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