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How to Set Up the Microsoft Authenticator App

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How to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App which will help secure your data. When Microsoft detects a risky login, they will send you an authentication message to verify your login. 

You MUST have the following to follow this guide:

  • A phone capable of receiving calls or SMS messages. 


Navigate to Outlook Security Info Settings

  1. To set up multi-factor authentication, log into your Outlook web portal at

  2. At the top right, click on your initials or picture to show the account manager menu.

    Select your account, then view account link.
  3. Click on the View account menu item. The My Account page will load. 

  4. In the My Account page in the Security Info section, click on the Update Info link. The My Sign-ins page will load. 

From the Security Info section, select Update info.

Add Security Info to Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Under Security info, click the + Add method button. The Add a method dialog box appears.

    Select an authentication method from the drop down.
  2. From the Add a method dialog, choose the Phone option. The Phone dialog box appears.

    If using the phone method, enter your phone number and choose between text or call to receive a code
  3. In the Phone dialog box, enter your phone number, and select how you want the authentication code sent to you: Text me a code (will send a code by SMS) or Call me (an automated phone call will speak a code.) Press the Next button when complete.

  4. A code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code sent to you into the Phone dialog box and press the Next button. 

    Enter the verification code and click the next button.
  5. The verification cycle is complete. Press the Done button to return to the Security info page.

    when the code is verified press the Done button.

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