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How to Use Engagement Opportunity for Students With More Than a 5% Drop in Persistence Prediction in Last 7 Days

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This article describes how academic advisors can use the “downward shift” engagement opportunity to engage with students in Inspire by Civitas Learning. This Inspire feature surfaces students whose persistence prediction has decreased by 5% or more in the last 7 days.


Log in to Inspire and Access/Use Engagement Opportunity Tools

  1. Log in to Inspire.

  2. On the upper right side of the dashboard, click “Viewing data for All Students” and select “My Assigned Students”.

    Click on All Students and then select My Assigned Students from the dropdown menu.
  3. On the Dashboard card entitled “Predictive Insights”, click on the downward arrow / number next to the text “Students have shown a drop in their persistence prediction of 5% or more within the last 7 days” (right column under “Weekly Change in Persistence Prediction”).

    Predictive Insights screenshot.
  4. Search the list for students where the “Addressed” column is “No” OR the “Last Outreach” column has an outreach date greater than 8 days ago.

    1. Students who have had at least one downward shift that was addressed already by an advisor will have “Yes” in the “Addressed” column along with a date as to when this topic was last addressed with this student. Read below for more information on this topic.

  5. Review the student’s file for any areas of concern, such as but not limited to: decreasing Canvas engagement, course withdrawals, or not registering for next term.

  6. Address the opportunity one of two ways:

    1. Send an Outreach:

      1. Select a student from the list.

      2. Click the email icon in the upper right of the screen. This will bring up an email dialog box with the student as a recipient. Be sure to mark the outreach in the “Engagement Opportunities” box in the email.

      3. Select “Create an advising note from this message.”

    2. Creating an Advising Note: If you address this outreach besides an Inspire email (such as a phone call or appointment,) you can still mark the opportunity as addressed through an advising note.

      1. Select a student from the list and go to their profile.

      2. Select the “Notes” tab.

      3. Select the “+New Note” button.

      4. Mark the note as an engagement opportunity by selecting the option in the “Engagement Opportunities” drop-down box of the advising note.

About students who were previously addressed:

Students who experience multiple decreases in their persistence prediction may appear in this engagement opportunity more than once. The “Addressed” column of this feature will not reset to “No” if a student re-appears on this list for another downward shift.

Instead, the “Last Outreach” column will show the date to indicate the last time an advisor sent an email or created an advising note on this topic.

If the last outreach was more than 8 days ago, then it means the student experienced another decrease in their prediction.

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