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Uploading Student Lists to Inspire

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Inspire (a Civitas Learning application) allows all advisor-type users to load an external list of student IDs into a student group. Once a list is uploaded to a static group, users can add additional columns of data to see more information about individual students. With this uploaded list, users can access an individual student’s profiles or send communications to students through Inspire.

  • This upload feature accepts TXT, XLS, XLSX, CSV, and other tabular file formats. The file must contain student IDs only. To upload a list, a user must have advisor access to Inspire.


Create a Static Student Group Using an Imported Excel or Tabular List

  1. Save a list of UVIDs in a file on your computer or a network folder such as Box. This list should only contain students' UVIDs. The file format should be Excel (.xls or .xlsx extension), a comma-delimited format (.csv extension), or a text file (.txt). Other tabular file formats are acceptable.

    A spreadsheet with ID in the first cell of column A and student ID numbers below it.
  2. Browse into Inspire. Select LOGIN WITH NETID on the Inspire homepage.

    The UVU Inspire login page.
  3. Login with your UVU credentials. On the homepage, select View Groups from the Quick Actions area.

    Select View Groups.
  4. On the Student Groups page, select Create Group at the top of the page.

    Click on the Create Group button at the top of the page.
  5. From the Create Group page fill out or make the following options:

    1. Select the Static Group option.

    2. Type in a group name into the Group name text box.

    3. Select the Create from uploaded students option.

    4. Click the Upload List button. This will open the File Upload window.

      Give the Static group a name and upload the list file.
  6. Through the File Upload window, navigate to where you saved the file created in step one. Select that file and select Open. This will load the file. Once Civitas has successfully loaded the file, a green checkmark icon along with the name of your file will appear below the Upload List button.

    A standard file upload dialog box.
  7. Select Create. This will take you back to the Student Groups homepage to wait while Civitas builds this new group.

    Once the file is uploaded a create button will allow you to create the group.
  8. While the group is being built, a message will appear to inform you the group is being built. It will also list all IDs in your file that could not be matched to an existing student profile. (See below for more information on why an ID may not be loaded into Inspire.) Select Go To Groups Page.

    A dialog box with a list of unmatched student numbers.
  9. Once your group has been created, it will appear on your list of custom groups. It may take a few minutes for this to complete, depending on the number of IDs uploaded. The number of unique student IDs uploaded will be reflected in the Number of Members column. Select the group name to open the group and view the students in the group.

    Under My Custom Groups you will be able to view your group name and the number of members in the group.

Why Did a Student Not Upload to Inspire?

To upload a student to a group, the UVID must match an existing student profile in Inspire. Inspire creates profiles for a limited number of UVU students based on the criteria below:

  1. The student is registered for at least one class at UVU in the current or future term.

  2. The student is not registered for any current or future classes but is admitted to UVU for a future term.

  3. The student is not registered for any current or future classes but was registered in at least one UVU class in the past three years.

If you are confident the student meets any of the above criteria and therefore should have been uploaded to the group, then please submit a service ticket for resolution. Include the UVID(s) in the ticket.

Contact Support

For any issues or questions regarding Civitas or Inspire please submit a request to the Academic IT and Analytics Team through the UVU Service Center Portal.

If you are experiencing any other issues, please contact the Service Desk.

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