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What Is the UVU Service Center Knowledge Base?

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Learn more about the UVU Service Center Knowledge Base (KB) and how to leverage it as a resource. This will enable you to get answers to your questions quickly rather than waiting on support staff.


What is the UVU Service Center Knowledge Base?

The UVU Service Center Knowledge Base is a self-serve online library of how-to and troubleshooting guides related to products, departments, and services at the University. This content is carefully curated and maintained to ensure accuracy and that you’re able to find the correct answers to your questions quickly.

We are constantly looking to provide new and relevant content. If you notice any problems please review the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ section as it covers how to submit feedback based on the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ

I Cannot Find an Article Related to My Question

What Should I Do if I Can’t Find an Article Related to My Question?

  1. Visit the corresponding department's webpage on (Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office ,etc.)

    1. Review their FAQ or relevant pages.

  2. If you still cannot find an answer, contact the Service Desk directly for further assistance.

    1. Please let the Service Desk agent know you couldn’t find your answer on the KB site so we may address the issue either by updating or creating an article on the subject for the KB.

  3. If preferred, you may submit a KB Feedback form and request specific content be created.

I Found a Relavant Article, but the Content Is Out of Date.

What to Do When You Find Outdated Content?

  1. Contact the Service Desk to get support and let them know the content is outdated.

  2. If you prefer, please fill out the KB Feedback form, indicating which article is outdated, and submit it.

What Kinds of Content Is Not Available on the KB Site?

What Kinds of Content Won’t I Find in the KB?

  • Department FAQs (Visit the corresponding department’s webpage.)

  • Some department content that has already been published to their webpage.

  • Sensitive/restricted data that is not typically made available publicly.

  • Definition articles or content that is focused on defining something rather than showing you how to fix and/or diagnose a problem.

How Can I Submit Feedback for the KB Site?
  1. Open the KB Feedback form (you may also access this form at any time by clicking on the KB Feedback button in the top right corner of the UVU Service Center KB website).

  2. Fill out the form.

  3. Submit the form and wait for a response if requested (usually a few days).

Contact Support

If you were unable to resolve your issue using the provided solution, please contact the Service Desk.

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